Incredibaby & Thorsbrenner

Incredibaby & Thorsbrenner

Wow, this one took us by surprise! Thank you so much @Incredibaby - we are really over the moon - Read the full blog post HERE

Reminding everyone about your honest approach to marketing with influencers here, please check out how amazing Incredibaby's review about our bag truly is.

Sadly it's in Danish - however as we are an international company we don't want you to miss out - so please find a translated version of the post below (enjoy! We did). 

A couple of weeks ago a package arrived. In the package was a baby changing bag, that didn't look like a traditional changing bag. It's black, very unisex and very minimalistic. A pleasant view, and I had no idea what amazing surprises expected me inside.  

Because this isn't a normal baby changing bag. It can keep a bit of everything, and has e.g. a little bag for dummy's, and extra "clutch", straps (that you could use on your stroller handlebar), a changing mat and all kinds of other great features. It truly has everything! I've received the bag as a gift, but I would like to point out that I have not received any money or been encouraged to write this post. I'm - truth be told - just really excited about this bag. It is SO brilliant, and I think it's so pretty. 

The bag has zippers on the sides so you can open it up entirely. It then transforms to a changing station, where you can have clothes, diapers, wet wipes, creams, etc. There's even a smart velcro strip where you can place creams, and ensure it doesn't spill onto everything else in the bag. And furthermore pockets in each end which ensures that should the lid on your cream unwind while on the run, it doesn't smear onto everything else in your bag ;-)

The bag is designed by a woman, who is also a mom. And I think this is truly obvious in the design. There's been so much thought put into all the details, and I truly can't think of anything more that I would need.

We currently use the bag for everything, and I can't wait to bring it on holidays this summer. It will be my pool/changing/snack-attack bag. Maybe even with room for a little book, should the mother get time for something so pleasant.