Mudpie Fridays & Thorsbrenner

Mudpie Fridays & Thorsbrenner

It's happened before with @Incredibaby, and now it's happened again - and we couldn't be more thrilled!

What we thought was a competition partnership turned into a full on review by @Mudpiefridays, and what a review - Thank you - we are so happy to hear you like our bag (small reminder of our Marketing Influencer strategy here and why this is a pretty big deal). See the full review HERE

Mudpie Fridays is a blogger who we are in utter awe off - a real titan amongst UK bloggers with almost 30 thousand Instagram followers, part of BloggerClubUK, Vuelio Top 10 Blogger UK, to name just a few. 

And guess what? She loves our "All-In-One" Thorsbrenner Bag, and the next 31 days you can follow to not only win a bag, but be blessed with so much rich content, you'll thank me for having introduced you to her! Enjoy and Good Luck.