Thorsbrenner LOVES Balloon

Thorsbrenner LOVES Balloon

Thorsbrenner LOVES!

Let’s face it, there are many brands out there and almost all are struggling to get to the top of your consideration list (ok we are one of them!). But we do baby changing bags, what about all the other cool gear out there that you may need for your baby? We are a company full of parents and we have had to choose too – so with that in mind we like to present to you THORSBRENNER LOVES! A dedicated blog post that will appear once in a while for brands we love (no money or under the table blackmarket dealings here – just pure selfless love for things we LOVE). Some you’ll know and some you won’t. Hope to inspire you along the way!


A Danish Clothing Brand by Camilla lermiin. We met Camilla in London when founder Michelle Thorsbrenner also lived there, and fell in love with the brand – why? Because it’s seriously the most amazing fabrics, and they just don’t wear out! Think 40-60 degree washes and you still have the loveliest cotton jersey fabrics to put your little ones in, and extra bonus – they are organic too.

So why is it we pull out Balloon Copenhagen when there are so many childrens clothing brands out there. Well – it’s as said before – because it’s just damn good quality at an exceptionally fair price- because yes, this is the sets of clothes you can keep for your 2’s and 3’s (or more!). We love the calm colors and prints, and are huge fans of the bed linen and night clothes too. So soft you’d wish they made them for adults (ok that’s a hint to Balloon Copenhagen from us personally… ). So simple and yet just eye catching and comfortable, exactly what you want for your precious little baby, and don't you just adore the Balloons?

Not much more to say really but yes – Balloon Copenhagen – Thorsbrenner LOVES you!

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