Thorsbrenner LOVES Bugaboo!

Thorsbrenner LOVES Bugaboo!

Let’s face it, there are many brands out there and almost all are struggling to get to the top of your consideration list (ok we are one of them!).

But we do baby changing bags, what about all the other cool gear out there that you may need for your baby? We are a company full of parents and we have had to choose too – so with that in mind we like to present to you THORSBRENNER LOVES! A dedicated blog post that will appear once in a while for brands we love (no money or under the table blackmarket dealings here – just pure selfless love for things we LOVE). Some you’ll know and some you won’t.

Hope to inspire you along the way!


The Dutch Brand by Max Barenburg is for us a true design winner! We must admit that we truly see many of the values that we try to follow in Thorsbrenner in Bugaboo, and maybe a bit too much mirroring going on – but we just can’t help ourselves. Enormous flexibility, great and durable materials and great customer service – what’s not to love about our fellow European colleagues.

From small to larger strollers (that’s bee to donkey for those of you in the know), twins and lots of amazing accessories. And our very own favorite – the runner!

So what makes a Bugaboo different from other strollers (according to us)? Well they always ensure that it’s easily foldable and light weight for those parents who may live several floors up. Then there’s the flexibility aspect of having both a bassinet as well as a seated option, and then again the wheel interchange for the runner. As such you have a stroller that will last you until you do it all over again with number 2 – and yes, it’s durable enough to withstand the test of time of having several kids – and there by a sound investment.

Also - they all (except runner) have that important aspect of the front wheel being both fixed and flexible so you can easily spin around those all important clothes racks in stores, but at the same time hit a hard trail with no buggy astray. Then we love the reversible seat! Yes we loooove to look at our little babes, but they may find us slightly boring to look at after a while. As such simply turn the seat and baby has a view, and most likely you’ll be able to take them on more than a 5 minute walk with more to look at.

Lastly there’s all the lovely spare parts, from UV umbrellas, cup holders, and travel bags… what’s not to love. So there you have it – dear Bugaboo – Thorsbrenner LOVES you.

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Image: Graciously borrowed from Bugaboo homepage.