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The "All-In-One" THORSBRENNER Bag comes with great adaptability and flexibility. Making it ideal from newborn to Toddler. The bag comprises of 4 bags in one, allowing parents to not only change between bags depending on needs, but also how to wear the bag.

The Main bag ensures parents always have a sanitary (portable) changing station at hand, no matter where they are, as the main bag is easily folded out to provide a large sanitary changing station for your child. The Stroller Bag allows for easy access to key necessities like Wipes, Phone and Dummy when attached with the included velcro strips on the handlebars of the stroller. The Clutch provided allows for safe keeping of parents things, and can easily be moved between the Main and Stroller Bag. Lastly the Dummy bag ensures a dummy is kept within sanitary conditions and easy reach. To ensure all necessities are remembered when leaving the house, Thorsbrenner have created unique icons, located inside both Main and Stroller bag, allowing parents easy navigation of things needed, and also act as a great checklist of what to bring when leaving the house.

Lastly the bag is created of durable poly cotton with a water resistant coating (usually used for active/sports wear, to stand the test of time. Furthermore we've ensured the removable changing mat (which is what comes in contact with your child) to be 100% organic. Our products have undergone strict regulatory testing in EU & US to ensure all standards within Baby & Childrens products are met.

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