Washing Instructions Baby Changing Bag

The THORSBRENNER "All-In-one" Baby Changing Bag
If your baby changing bag is dirty, not to worry. Here are the washing instructions we recommend and generally the info on the label should you wish to cut it off. 
Twill Cotton exterior we recommend wiping off with a wet cloth. We don't recommend machine washing the entire bag. Please note that twill cotton will blemish in color over time, especially if left out in the sun. Please bear this as a proof of being an experienced mom.
The removable (organic) changing mat is machine washable - however please ensure that the velcro strips are put together so as to not "tear" any of the sides during wash.
We do not recommend tumble drying the removable organic mat. 
Washing Label Thorsbrenner
Should you have any questions to the content or durability of Thorsbrenner products, please do not hesitate to contact us: