Please find an overview of Frequently Asked Questions below.


  • Can I buy the Icons individually?

Sadly we cannot offer individual sale of our icons at this time. We sell in packs of 10. However we are working on making both more designs available and the opportunity to mix and match icons as needed. 

  • I have an idea for an icon...

We love to hear from our customers, and all input is always welcome, so please do share with us what image you are missing and we'll do our best to update and amend our assortment as needed (simply email: ).

  • My Baby Changing Bag zipper is falling down

Our Baby Changing Bag's were designed with easy open/easy close in mind. The most important thing for us when designing the bag was, that the bag would be able to be opened with one hand (because when changing your baby, you usually are only you). As a consequence the zipper can open too well when hanging with the cross body strap. We are working on a solution where zipper stays up, but easily opens when needed. 

  • Can the Large Fold out Bag hang on the handle bars of my Buggy?

This is of course up to you, but for safety reasons we highly recommend that you use the buggy bag for this intended purpose. The fold out bag is heavy when filled and can as a consequence - if hanged on the handlebars - tip the buggy over. We therefore highly recommend not to do this, and note that the bag was not designed for this purpose in mind. 

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