How does the Baby Changing Bag work?

We have gone to great lengths to create a bag with many functions. To make it clear just what your bag can do, please see our thorough guide below. 


The "All-In-One" THORSBRENNER Bag comes with great adaptability and flexibility. Making it ideal for newborns as well as Toddlers. You receive the following pieces when purchasing one bag:

  • 1 x Changing Station Bag
  • 1 x Stroller Bag
  • 1 x Clutch
  • 1 x Dummy Holder
  • 1 x Organic Removable Mat
  • 1 x Cross Body Strap
  • 2 x Stroller Velcro Straps
  • 1 x Tote Bag



We have inserted pictogram or as we like to call them - ICONS inside the various bags. This not only makes it easier to find what you are looking for, but also function as a check-list of what to remember to bring when you go out.

Thorsbrenner Icons for navigation



With a newborn, you want to ensure you keep your child safe from harm on all fronts. Having a sanitary changing place no matter where you go is one of them. With the main Changing Station Bag, you know no matter where you go (even if there is no changing table) - you'll be able to change your child under the most sanitary conditions - just like home. We have created a soft organic mat, which can easily be removed and washed (via velcro strips on the back) - or folded away if needed. 



The Stroller Bag supports parents by clicking on to the Stroller handlebars via the Velcro Straps (and easy off), ensuring fast and easy access to phone, drinks, wipes and a dummy while on tour with your child. 

By 6 months your baby is not only on formula/breast, but also in need of further calories from food. At this stage, you need both a place to change your child and a bag for all the snacks and drinks you need to bring on an excursion. 

Here the stroller bags adaptability comes in handy. Simply leave the Stroller Velcro Strips on the handlebars, take the Stroller Bag inside with you and fill with Food/Drinks & Snacks as needed. You can then either add the Cross Body strap to the Stroller Bag, or re-attach it to your Stroller Velcro clips depending on your needs. 

As your child grows and becomes more independent, your need for backup clothes, food, drinks, etc., becomes less apparent. Your child starts being able to eat "normal" foods, less drool, and more regular/frequent bathroom breaks.

At this stage, we recommend transferring the Clutch with parents essentials to the front of the Stroller Bag and add the folded Organic Removable mat inside. With less need for backup clothes and a floor being a safer place to change an ever moving Toddler, you can safely fold away your large changing station for longer/weekend excursions, and transform the Stroller Bag to your everyday bag. 

NOTE - Our All-In-One bag is made for when you are on excursions by yourself. As such all zippers are easy open with one-hand. This may have the counter issue that it easily opens when hanging on your shoulder. We are working on finding a solution where the zipper stays up while still opening easliy with one hand - but for the time being we have decided to prioritize the easy open mechanism of the zippers. 

All in all, the THORSBRENNER Bag allows for full flexibility throughout your child's diaper time.


The Design is simplistic and unisex. We don't think Baby products necessarily need to be baby pink or blue. Therefore our Bag comes in Black, Army Green or Burgundy Red. 



It's always a debated topic whether to give your child a dummy or not. However, to those who choose to give a dummy (or those children who accept a dummy), it's essential to ensure you always have one with you. 

Finding the right dummy can be tough to start with, ensuring it's always clean and within reach is another. The THORSBRENNER Dummy holder easily clips on to both Changing Station, Stroller Bag or even Stroller Velcro Strips or Clutch, ensuring it's always within easy sanitary reach.