Product Materials

The primary components of our products can be found below. 
All our products are made to be near children, and as such have been thoroughly tested by objective Product Safety Facilities for usage in EU & US. 


Neoprene for the inside Pockets: This material is usually used in swim gear, but when sewn thinner is a light and flexible material, allowing us flexibility when filling the pockets of the bag, and simultaneously ensure they would become less firm with time. 
PU Leather: We chose to work with PU leather for many reasons. Partly it's more sustainable than "real" leather, and partly because it's hard to tell exactly where leather comes from and thereby what micro bacteria are in the leather. We therefore decided that for a baby product it was best to understand the components in full, and ensure it would keep it's shape and form over time, and not pose any bacterial dangers. 
Twill cotton with Polyurethane: Used as main fabric throughout the bag. Polyurethane is an organic material which in our case has been heat-laminated to a cotton fabric, so as to form a protective layer on the fabric. It is lightweight, durable and water resistant. This type of material is usually used in active wear, which fits to what we describe the everyday life of a guardian to be - active. 

Metal hooks/rings: We decided to go with metal and not plastic from a durability perspective, and we wanted a quality feel which we had trouble finding with plastic. The big negative is that metal does weigh more than plastic. 

Organic Cotton: If we could, we would love to create the entire bag in organic materials, but sadly this would negatively impact the price, and while we wanted as much organic material as possible, we also wanted to produce a Quality Value for Money baby Changing Bag.

At this stage we have therefore decided to make where the baby lies (the most important place) soft organic cotton, which has not been dyed. We will continue to work with our factory to convert as many materials as we can to organic, without compromising on price. 


Our Icons are made of recycled PVC. This is the most sustainable we could make our plastic products at this time. Through Development of the product we have tested sewn patches as those we have inside our Baby Changing Bags, however found that these easily tear and become dirty. We will continue to work with factories around the world to make our Icons as sustainable as possible.