Product Story


Our "All in one" bag has gone through many detailed amendment rounds to get the perfect look and functionality, however before we tell you about what we did, let us tell you about the origin of the "fold-out" changing bag. 

In the Nordics and especially Denmark, a fold-out changing bag/station has been used since 60's and 70's. Back then and even today, it's quite normal when having a baby that mothers will sow this themselves, or most often a coming grandmother will as a gift for the newborn.

Founder, Michelle Thorsbrenner, has sown this as well, and although the nostalgia of this is sweet, it just didn't match the functionality and effectiveness which we believe parents need with a newborn. We've therefore gone to great lengths to add components (more bags), optimized materials and inserted icons for easy navigation, so as to ensure we kept the fundamental idea of being able to "fold out to a changing station", but allowed the flexibility to use the bag in many different ways. And let's not forget, made it look damn elegant if we may say so ourselves. 


Icons on box

Our Icons were created from the personal need of organizing the kids playroom better. It also came from a need for the kids to be able to help tidy and easily find their favorite toys again.

In our little family we've simply found that the more organized we are, the more relaxed we are as well - which gives more time for play and exploring the world together. 


We find that trust in a product to be the all important factor, and we needed to know that we launched with the very best we could produce.

That said, we know we will still find things which we wish to update and alter after we launch, and so we promise that with every production we will have taken your feedback on and updated and optimized our products. Safety and trust in our products is key. 

Production is in China & India in specially selected factories and have all undergone testing by globally renowned product assessment companies to ensure the highest standards are met for both EU and US standards, from a Chemical and Physical perspective. 

 The THORSBRENNER bag is both trademarked and design protected.