You become an entrepreneur because it eats you up if you don't...
I wasn't meant to be a nurse, a doctor or other life changing/saving role, I am good at strategy and planning - and being a Mom. And ultimately I just want to make life easier for families like mine, through my products and through the company I am trying to create.
Michelle Thorsbrenner Baby


Among the many roles I've had before becoming an entrepreneur was with Ben & Jerry's, an amazing company with an amazing culture and social agenda behind it (it's not just about making money!). I learned a lot, and always hoped to be able to build something with that same spirit - that gave joy to people, but that also made a difference. 

My promise to you is, this is not just a profit company - it's trying to live up to making a difference and so know that supporting this company you aren't just helping a mom build something for her sons and herself to be proud off, but hopefully also amazing products that - if we get bigger - can support important causes, help those in need and make an actual difference.  

Thanks for giving my products a shot...