Who is Thorsbrenner?

You become an entrepreneur because it eats you up if you don't...
Michelle Thorsbrenner didn't exactly choose she wanted to start her own company, but every spare moment she had, she found herself researching materials and drawing sketches of the perfect baby changing bag. Note this was approx. 6 months after having her first son, so not a ton of time to spare, but she made time and obviously had a very supporting husband.
After a couple of months she found Philippa Tatt, a freelance Handbag & Accessories Designer. Philippa presented Michelle to an amazing Factory in China, and together they started a journey of what they hope you will agree to classify as the optimal Baby Changing Bag. Read more about the strong partnership we have with our factory here. 
Michelle Thorsbrenner Baby
Fast forward to 2018 and the product is finally up for grabs. Every single detail has been carefully considered and as you will hopefully encounter, it makes your life as a new parent easier.
As to the founder - Michelle Thorsbrenner grew up mostly outside of Denmark, part of an international environment. English was often the first language, but with 6 years in Germany and most of her education at American Schools, I'm not sure what you would call her culturally. Ultimately she just says it made her all the more want to make a product that wasn't just for one country, but applicable to all. 
Michelle later started her career in Unilever, working both B2B and B2C with brands like Lipton, Knorr and Ben & Jerry's. Later she went on to work more globally at New Look, as Head of International Marketing before jumping ship and going out on her own. A scary step, but having spent almost 2 years fine tuning the bag, it seemed silly not to launch. So here you are, we hope you like it. 
Curious about the name? Thorsbrenner is the last name of the founder, Michelle and her family. When Michelle and her husband married they couldn't agree on which name to take, but when their first son was born they had to. The happy compromise became a part of each of their last names (they each had 2 to chose from!).
Thorsbrenner consists off: "Thors" from Michelle's last name - "Thorsen", and "brenner" from her husband's last name "Aschenbrenner". True story.